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J.S. Walker & Company acquired the Sparkflow product line in November of 2014 from Sparq Technologies, LLC.  Sparkflow provides data management and analysis tools for community banks and other businesses who need powerful but cost-effective solutions.  JSWco's custom application and business intelligence consulting practice provides a solid foundation to support and expand the Sparkflow product line.

Sparkflow Data Analytics Accelerator
Data Analytics Accelerator is Sparkflow’s foundational engine for automating and deploying data analytic solutions.  Any business or organization can deploy the Sparkflow Accelerator as a platform to facilitate creating, loading, and maintaining a data warehouse environment.  The browser-based tool contains a data warehouse designer, a cube designer, and a reporting portal.  The following diagram depicts the Sparkflow platform.

sf plaform.png

  • Source Data:  The Sparkflow platform can process data from core systems, specialized banking tools, on-line bank applications, custom solutions, and even manual file-based data.
  • Data Warehouse:  Sparkflow’s automated user-defined ETL processes consolidate source data into a data warehouse and customized analytic cubes. The Sparkflow designers allow customizations to fit each bank’s unique requirements.
  • Reporting/Analytics:  Sparkflow’s modules for Customer Insight and Performance Insight provide focused information for analysis and decision-making.  In addition, any number of third-party tools can be used to access the Sparkflow data for specialized reporting.

Sparkflow Accelerator:  Designers

Data Warehouse Designer.png

  • The Sparkflow Data Warehouse Designer is a browser-based tool used to architect building and loading a data warehouse.
  • The Sparkflow Cube Designer, an additional browser-based application, provides the  definition and maintenance of analytic data cubes.
  • These tools allow a user to define multiple data sources, to view table and column          information, define calculated fields, map columns to the data warehouse, create facts and dimensions, and build and schedule ETL processes.

Sparkflow Accelerator:  Portal


  • The Sparkflow Portal provides user access to the designers.


  • The Portal also provides a presentation structure to display custom analytics.


  • In addition, the portal includes a general OLAP analyzer to perform ad hoc queries against the data warehouse and cubers.


Sparkflow Customer Insight
Sparkflow's Customer Insight product provides community banks with an analytic package to enhance service, accelerate cross-selling, improve retention, and generate ROI from existing information assets. Customer Insight yields "big data" benefits to smaller banks through a cost-effective automated approach that is easy to install and use.  The Customer Insight tool consolidates information from a bank’s core platform, mortgage program, lending application, and other systems into a data warehouse where key metrics can be tracked, customer performance analyzed, opportunities identified, and reports easily produced.  Sparkflow works seamlessly with most core systems, including Jack Henry®, Fiserv, and FIS.  For more information see our product-specific site:

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